Litrosphere '16

"---Come and be a part of this Literary extravaganza on 6th and 7th February, 2016---"



LITROSPHERE '16 is the Annual Literary Fest of College of Technology, Pantnagar

This February, as the winter lulls you with its chilling winds; ideas and innovation will set ablaze the battlefield of the erudite! With ebullience, zest and portrayal of top tier talent, make your way past this annual literary extravaganza which is a lot more than debates, esoteric, quizzes, mind boggling discussions and fun galore.

Being one of its kinds, it provides a platform for the students to explore and highlight their creativity and talent in the subtle art of words. It is a grand congregation of more than 2000 students and experts from academia. The immersive cocktail of events include core literary events like debates, group discussions, quizzes etc. mixed with fun events like sales appeal, dumb charades etc., thus ensuring full-on enjoyment along with some serious mind churning.

There are quizzes to challange you, debates to unleash the monster inside you, fun events to get yourself relaxed and lot more. The fest will provide you a literary atmosphere with the best minds working together, to create the college's proud literary fest LITROSPHERE.

The month of February shall see the rebirth of a literavaganza spanning its wings with just one goal in mind, to outreach the mightiest of mountains and become limitless. So gear up for a two day marathon of phenomenal events and win accolades as you battle your way through Litrosphere'16.

  • 6th and 7th February, 2016
  • College of Technology, Pantnagar


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